2) Data Collection



After you've succeeded with IRB approval, it's time for the fun part: issuing ths survey!

You can issue the survey one of two ways: 

1) Paper Surveys

2) Online Surveys

We highly recommend doing paper surveys.  In the schools that have launched so far, it seems that students are more likely to respond favorably to these; online ones are frequently overlooked in the INSANE amount of email med students receive.  Paper surveys can be presented at a booth in your college cafeteria, attached to the back of an OMM test (with permission of the department!), presented at club meetings, or even shared at activity fairs.  

If you do online surveys, there are several free services you can use, including zoomerang.com and surveymonkey.com.  Pay attention to the limitations on the free versions -- some may limit the time you can access your data or your number of samples.  We have some templates available to easily do online surveys, if that's what you choose for your college.

We want your data collection to be easy and efficient!  Do what's best for you - we're here to help.


This is a sample email that can be used if you're doing online surveys:

Please follow the link below to a survey written by UAAO members designed for all graduate and current osteopathic medical students.  The survey is 15 questions and takes about 3 minutes to complete.  We greatly appreciate your participation.

The survey will CLOSE at ___PM on ______, 2007.  PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEY BEFORE THIS TIME.

Thank you, and best wishes,

Your UAAO Officers 

Now that you've launched the survey, check out the final step: Data Analysis