What do Osteopathic Students Want from Their Education?

























We’re proud to be DO’s.  

We applied to medical colleges promising us something unique and distinctive.  It’s what the AOA calls a “unique approach to comprehensive medical care.”  The ACOFP describes DO’s as “complete doctors who offer their patients something extra.”  The admissions offices at our colleges echo the sentiment of our professional organizations: as future osteopathic physicians, we have the potential to offer more to our patients.

Then, a conversation started.  On a listserv of UAAO officers and medical educators, some students began suggesting that the osteopathic medical curriculum, while comprehensive and informative, wasn’t, well…all that “osteopathic.”  Many spoke of an OMM course that felt like an adjunct to the rest of their classes.  Other students expressed difficulty in finding the resources to integrate Osteopathy into the rest of the formal medical education.

Some members of the dialogue started to look for solutions.   How could we address this sentiment?  How could we provide a place for osteopathic medical students to find these resources?  Furthermore, how could we create an inviting place for students to share their findings? 

On April 12, 2007, Osteopathicintegration.org was born.  In less than a year, we’ve received thousands of contacts, and we’ve reached students at every university.  We’re constantly updating the site with new research, resources, and student contributions. 


Osteopathicintegration.org is a site

by osteopathic medical students 

for osteopathic medical students


Please contact us if you want to be part of the team.

"Motion is the first and only evidence of life"  - A.T. Still, MD, DO

As of July 2010, our group has decided to pursue our advocacy efforts in other ways.  We are no longer updating this site, however, we have left the pages up if they can benefit you as a resource.  Dig on.