Coursework - Pulmonary

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"I have taken up the human lung to investigate and treat it as though it were a part of the machinery of life...when I properly adjusted the spine with the ribs, misery disappeared and my patient with pleurisy or pneumonia got well without a drop or dose of any drug." - AT Still, Research and Practice, p. 126-127


 Clinical and Research Protocol for Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment of Elderly Patients With Pneumonia. Noll, DR, etc. JAOA • Vol 108 • No 9 • September 2008 • 508-516

Benefits of osteopathic manipulative treatment for hospitalized elderly patients with pneumonia - Noll, et al: J Am Osteopath Assoc, Dec 2000; 100: 776 - 782. [PDF.  This article highlights how OMT can reduce hospital stays, thus reducing complications and cost to the patient]