Mission Statement

Where are we heading with the research, and how will the results be used?


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Combined Position Statement


To evaluate the incorporation of Osteopathic Principles and Practice across nationwide curricula.  This evaluation is meant to assess incorporation in:
1) Basic curricular integration (OMSI-OMSII)
2) Preclinical preceptors and clinical experiences (OMSI-OMSII)
3) Practice in rotations (OMSIII-OMSIV)

1) Assess Osteopathic medical students to gauge their perception of the level of integration
2) Survey faculty and staff at Osteopathic Medical Colleges in their understanding of Osteopathic Principles and Practice and their integration of them in their curricula

1) At the national level, illustrate the degree to which Osteopathic Principles and Practice are being integrated or not integrated into Osteopathic medical curricula.
2) Share the resulting data with the appropriate Osteopathic professional organizations with intent for publication.
3) Propose solutions for greater incorporation of Osteopathic Principles and Practice

WE the undersigned have noted a discrepancy in the integration of Osteopathic Principles and Practice in our Osteopathic education. As student leaders, we represent our peers in desiring greater incorporation into our whole curriculum. By signing below, we demonstrate not only our personal dedication to the issue, but also the commitment to support the gathering of data in this assessment.


[Currently, the mission statement has been signed by student leaders of nearly ALL Osteopathic colleges nationwide.  Close to 100 students, representing SOMA, ACOFP, UAAO, and other student organizations have signed in in SUPPORT for this research to continue.  Those represented stem from all levels -- OMSI - PGY3.]

[If you would like your name to be among these student leaders or wish to be emailed a copy of the current position paper, click here.  To respect the privacy of those who have signed, individual names have not been posted online.]