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Student case studies are an area we're actively working to promote and share. So many students have stories of that "one experience" where they realized the value of applying Osteopathic Principles and Practice (OPP) to their patients. As students submit them, we'll be using this page to help share.

Please share your cases with us. We'll take SOAP notes, narratives, case presentations, and even photos of you being a stylish OMS in your white coat - Nothing fancy needed!

A Shoulder Complaint - Is This a Case for Spencer?

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A Case by Miko Rose, OMS IV [TUCOM-CA].  Uploaded October 4, 2008 (new!)

Vague Chest Pain in the Psych Patient - An Osteopathic Cardio Workup

A Case by Michelle Hill, OMS III [KCOM]. January 18, 2008

Breaking the Chronic Pain Cycle Following Thoracic Compression Failure


A Case by Allison Bukowski, OMS IV [KCOM]. August 16, 2006. (see speaker notes on Powerpoint for more details on case)

Case 1 - Low Back Pain/Poor Posture
Case 2 - Fibromyalgia & Low Back Pain
Case 3 - Low Back Pain with Neuropathy
A Follow-Up On the Three Cases Above

The above cases are from Michael Waddington, DO, PGY2 [KCOM], written when he was an OMS IV and on his anesthesia rotation through Metro Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI. These cases were presented at a KCOM UAAO meeting in 2006.

Osteopathic Approach Toward Upper Extremity Paresthesia


A Case by Michael Lowny, OMS III [PCOM]. Exam dates: 1/23/07 - present.

Osteopathic Approach to Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

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A Case by Jenny Kendall, OMS V, a Pre-Doctoral OMM fellow at Des Moines University. Initial exam: 11/28/06