Resource - Recommended Reading

[this page is under construction, and probably will be as we keep finding good reads! Please feel free to share books you think should be posted]

"The osteopath who succeeds best does so because he looks to Nature for knowledge and obeys her teaching; he then gets good results." - AT Still, Research and Practice, p. 23


The D.O.'s - Osteopathic Medicine in America by Norm Gevitz, PhD.  Dr. Gevitz is one of the most well-known social historians of the Osteopathic profession worldwide.  The authors of this site strongly believe that EVERY DO student should read this book to better understand the importance of being strong advocates of our profession today.  [Dr. Gevitz is also a strong supporter of this research]


Osteopathy - Research and Practice by Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO.  For the sake of simplicity, we're just listing one of AT Still's published works, though they are all certainly worth reading!  You can find this and other outstanding books from the Still National Osteopathic Museum in Kirksville.  Mention that you're a student or that you heard about them from the KCOM UAAO - you might be able to get a discount.

The Academy of Osteopathy has an outstanding reading collection, featuring all sorts of great techniques, historical information, and networking utilities.  It's definitely worth looking!

Dr. Steve Davidson of has many unique items, original Fulford papers, and neurofascial release information.

The Cranial Academy has an oustanding collection, which encompasses some of the more esoteric branches of Osteopathic treatment. 


Evidence-Based Manual Medicine is one of the most outstanding resources currently available for effectively communicating, researching, and understanding the science behind the art of osteopathy.  It effectively combines anatomy, pathophys, research, controversy, and technique in one manual.  It comes with a high-quality DVD that outlines many of the techniques in the book.  See our brief review on the blog.