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"When we take up principles, we get down to Nature.  It is ever willing and self-caring, self-feeding, and self-protecting." - AT Still, Autobiography, p. 297

Many colleges have some form of "student clinics," ranging from "spouse treatment nights" and stretch stations at races to full-time student clinics, open to the surrounding community.  Believing that practice is essential to your future skills, we're working on gathering information that might help increase and improve student clinics. 

In most cases, an attending physician is needed for supervision.  We're working with WVSOM now to find out more details on their full-service community clinic.  If you have waivers you use or details on the clinic at your school, please share!

Photos: KCOM students treating athletes at the 2006 Northeast Missouri Triathlon.  Photo Credits: Bridget Flauding, OMSI